Where am I going to work?

We work where our clients require our assistance. Your office could be in Zurich for a couple of months and after that you could be relocated to Berne, Geneva or St. Gallen for the next project.

Is it possible to work abroad?

Parexa is currently focusing mainly on the Swiss market. However, if a globally orientated client requires advice abroad you could work outside of Switzerland for a certain time.

Is it possible to work part time?

Young professionals are only offered full-time jobs. Experienced professionals with expert knowledge are offered a part-time job if feasible.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes. Men are expected to wear a suit and tie, and for women to dress in smart business attire. Your appearance is the first impression for our customers!

How does my career start look like as a young professional?

In the beginning of your career, you will be educated in fundamental project management skills and you gain insights into our operations. In addition to that you will be prepared to your future project assignments by experienced co-workers. After about a month at the Parexa office and at external training courses you are well prepared for your work at the client’s site.

How does my everyday work look like?

Apart from training courses and internal meetings you are working together with other Parexa employees at the client’s site. Your working hours could be variable dependent on the project phase and could exceed standard measure of 40 hours. If you are assigned on a project in Switzerland you are usually spending the night at your home.

Is it possible to do an internship?

Currently Parexa does not offer internships on a regular basis. We will publish any open vacancies on the homepage. Therefore, please do not send a speculative application for an internship.

Is it possible to write my diploma thesis at Parexa?

If Parexa decides to support a diploma thesis, we will publish it on our homepage. Therefore, please do not send a speculative application for a diploma thesis.