A value-based working environment is a key element in our corporate culture. Our values are as follows:

Honesty and Sincerity

I am honest and sincere in my daily work by…

  • communicating openly, actively and transparently.
  • continually seeking to lead and engage in dialogue.
  • offering and accepting constructive feedback.
  • addressing conflict and unpleasant or awkward situations in a direct and timely manner.

Curiosity, Open Mindedness and Personal Development

I am curious and open minded and strive to develop further in my daily work by…

  • listening carefully to my colleagues and seeking to understand their proposals and ideas.
  • proactively acquiring knowledge and skills in new technologies and methods.
  • reflecting on my attitude and actions to improve myself continuously.
  • sharing my knowledge and experience with my colleagues.
  • challenging the status quo in a constructive way.

Quality Awareness and Delivery

I am quality conscious and I demonstrate this in my daily work by…

  • getting things right the first time.
  • always exceeding the expectations of my customers and colleagues.
  • being prepared to provide the required level of commitment.
  • producing deliverables with the correct content, form and presentation.
  • reviewing my work carefully.
  • touching base regularly with my customers, line managers and colleagues.

Respect, Trust and Appreciation

I am respectful, appreciative and trusting in my daily work by…

  • showing respect to my colleagues.
  • appreciating the achievements of others.
  • giving criticism constructively and providing objective advice on improvement.
  • celebrating success with my clients and colleagues.
  • giving others the space to work independently.

Passion and Entrepreneurialism

I am passionate and entrepreneurial in my daily work by…

  • tackling regular tasks and new challenges with enthusiasm.
  • embracing new ideas and new ways of working.
  • acting in a collaborative and solution orientated manner.
  • balancing risks and opportunities and being accountable for the results of my work.
  • reviewing my tasks and resources regularly, assessing priorities and making appropriate adjustments.

Professionalism and Drive

I act professionally and focus on results in my daily work by…

  • being aware of the impact of my behavior at all times.
  • understanding the situation at hand and behaving appropriately.
  • keeping promises and commitments made to others.
  • clarifying requirements and expectations and monitoring progress against them.
  • aligning my plans and activities with the enterprise strategy.
  • always completing tasks according to the agreed standards and goals.